About Me

I am a person who likes to browse 4chan and discord for 10 hours straight. My discord tag is Elliott#0992 if you want to contact me there. I know java and C++ and trying to learn html. I like puzzles like Cicada 3301 and The Red Triangle puzzle. I am into cryptocurrencies so I mine for bitcoin (sometimes). My donation address is under the List of Important things. I need money, I am poor. 

List of important things:

http://sevens.exposed - sevens.exposedhttp://sevens.exposed
http://1711141131131.xyz/ - 1711141131131.xyz

http://www.jamesrustles.com/ - 2b2t Blog
https://twitter.com/1231507051321?lang=en - Cicada 3301's Twitter

Bitcoin address (BTC) : 35nUBBYAEmsMkL7fre8HcDQmSzrHXuqBFj

Ethereum address (ETH) : 0x2e84e39D62C1deab5Ff7c46d78357eC09654D168 
Litecoin address (LTC) :  LNPVNVkwD1gQMJDHrKsM9NjMR8Awkv9jdR
Dogecoin address :  9vVngpB43kZAgEuYoCCsCaTG83t6EGq6X3