This is my website where I put up random things such as code and who knows what. Just look around, see what you like.

I will mostly talk about things like Cicada 3301 here.

I can code in multiple languages and edit videos


Of course you do not have to. I earn most of my money for coding websites and Minecraft server plugins.

Basic Donations:

Bitcoin address (BTC) : 35nUBBYAEmsMkL7fre8HcDQmSzrHXuqBFj
Ethereum address (ETH) : 0x2e84e39D62C1deab5Ff7c46d78357eC09654D168
Litecoin address (LTC) : LNPVNVkwD1gQMJDHrKsM9NjMR8Awkv9jdR
Dogecoin address : 9vVngpB43kZAgEuYoCCsCaTG83t6EGq6X3

Columbian Exchange

Below is my Infographic for the Columbian Exchange.

You can download the infographic by clicking here.

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